This is a generic method for invoking JSON RPC's eth_call with Ethers.js. Use this method to execute a smart contract's constant or non-constant member without using gas. This is a read-only method intended to read a value or test a transaction for valid parameters. It does not create a transaction on the block chain.

  • address (string) The Ethereum address the transaction is directed to.

  • method (string) The smart contract member in which to invoke.

  • [parameters] (any[]) Parameters of the method to invoke.

  • [options] (CallOptions) Options to set for eth_call, optional ABI (as JSON object), and Ethers.js method overrides. The ABI can be a string of the single intended method, an array of many methods, or a JSON object of the ABI generated by a Solidity compiler.

  • RETURN (Promise<any>) Return value of the invoked smart contract member or an error object if the call failed.

const sEthAddress = Aquarius.util.getAddress(Aquarius.aBNB);

(async function() {

  const srpb = await
    'function supplyRatePerBlock() returns (uint256)',
    // [], // [optional] parameters
    // {}  // [optional] call options, provider, network, plus Ethers.js "overrides"

  console.log('aBNB market supply rate per block:', srpb.toString());


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