Zapping LP

Automated 1-click liquidity formation

What is Zapping?

Say you have CORE and want a position in the Icecreamswap ARS-CORE pool. Well, it's a painful process to get into that position.

First, you must supply ARS & CORE in the appropriate proportions, which takes four transactions.

Zapping allows you to do in one click.

Which assets can be Zapped?

We've expanded zapping capabilities to make your experience more convenient.




How it Works

When you zap using one of these assets, the system will automatically sell it for CORE behind the scenes. This CORE is then paired with ARS to create and lock the LP

This feature aims to provide you with greater flexibility in how you engate with AquariusLoan's money market, giving you more ways to earn and lock LP.

How to Zap via AquariusLoan UI

First, connect you wallet to AquariusLoan

Go to LP Locking Page.

Or you zap LP from your vested ARS.

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