Cast Vote With Reason

Cast a vote on a proposal with a reason attached to the vote.

Governor Bravo

function castVoteWithReason(uint proposalId, uint8 support, string calldata reason)
  • proposalId: ID of a proposal in which to cast a vote.

  • support: An integer of 0 for against, 1 for in-favor, and 2 for abstain.

  • reason: A string containing the voter's reason for their vote selection.

  • RETURN: No return, reverts on error.


GovernorBravo gov = GovernorBravo(0x123...); // contract address
gov.castVoteWithReason(proposalId, 2, "I think...");

Web3 1.2.6

const tx = gov.methods.castVoteWithReason(proposalId, 2, "I think ...").send({ from: sender });;

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